State and Local Government

NetMass Supports the needs of State and Local Governments. Inclusion of many of our archiving products on the Texas DIR allows us to directly provide services to Texas based municipalities and agencies. Our FIPS 140-2 valudiated solutions allow us to store Police and Court Data and still meet the stringent requirements of the CJIS regulations.

  • Our Archving Systems give long term immutable storage for scanned document, utility bills, and other unstructured data.
  • Our Cloud Gateways provide multi-site access to data from your primary location and your Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Our Video Surveillance Vault provides long term multi-resolution storage of court and police data while maintaining a tape-based original full resolution copy for chain-of-custody archive and retreival. This is an ideal solution for storing dash-cam and personal body camera video.

Let us show you how we can provide long term archive for your sensitive records and videos. Our compliant storage solutions include highly secure geo-redundant server backup, multi-site data availability, immutable data archiving, and primary storage offloading. Our video archiving systems cost-effectively scale while still maintaining your critical chain of custody requirements.