Software Developer Solutions

What would happen if your source code repository disappeared?

Can your company afford to find that out—in the event all your hard work and customers’ proprietary data were corrupted, hacked, or destroyed by fire? Irreplaceable data is the lifeblood of your company. Backup copies on location won’t help you if there’s a fire or flood. If you have a robust backup system you’re assured a fast transfusion of data and a rapid recovery.

The Software Creator’s Safety Net

If you’re as duly diligent about your own company’s data as you are about your clients’, you can’t just rest on the Cloud. Daily remote Cloud backup of critical files is essential of course, but these days we all have to go one better: Data archiving, with its immutability and provable timestamp, is the way to protect your hard-won IP. No, you can’t just rest on the Cloud—but you can rest assured with NetMass backup and archiving. Your business lifeblood is protected from viruses, accidental deletions, even natural disasters. With rapid recovery it’s like having an emergency transfusion at hand.

Robust Protection

NetMass compliant storage solutions include highly secure geo-redundant server backup, multi-site data availability, immutable data archiving, and primary storage offloading.  Combining the processes can save you money!  The results? Your company data flows faster (at lower cost), and you have compliant immutable copies of customer-critical documents and reports

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