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Why Trust NetMass Data Solutions?

      • Our Mission: Provide cost effective long term hybrid and cloud based data storage and services that meet verifiable security and compliance standards.
      • Our Philosophy: We strive to rigorously pursue the CRAFT of safe data storage: We focus on the global scale; we design for the long term; and we provide the compliant foundation.
      • Our Promise: Our solutions will provide a stable, compliant, and secure foundation for your data retention needs. Our safe data solutions are the best choice for the foundation of your disaster recovery, business continuity, and data archiving systems.
      • Our Story: NetMass is “Networking of Massive”. We are one of the oldest continously operating cloud based service provides in existance. See our full story.

Why Choose our platforms?

      • Longevity: We have been offering cloud based services for more than 16 years. This is longer than almost any cloud services company still operating under the same name.
      • Expertise: We cut our teeth by being one of the first online backup and storage service providers in the industry. We know backup and we know archiving!
      • Security: Our FIPS 140-2 validated solutions exceed the security levels offered by most cloud services.
      • Infrastructure: Our geo-distributed storage systems provides the highest levels of durability.