The Strategic Initiatives Board

This board focuses on mid and long term business initiatives with the purpose of directing the company operations to support the current and future needs of customers. By bringing in outside experts from a variety of fields, NetMass strengthens its business processes and financial position.
Mark Martin

Mark Martin, CEO NetMass Incorporated

Mark Martin brings management and deployment expertise to NetMass. He oversees product positioning, advertising, marketing activities, and strategic partnerships for the SystemSafe software. He was the leader in branding and packaging for SystemSafe and the NetMass Website, and he continues to manage multiple facets of marketing SystemSafe on the Internet.

Martin directs vertical sales channels. He worked directly with Stephen Perkins to create the NetMass Reseller Program. With this program, Martin successfully secured a UK distributor for the NetMass product. He also secured a software distribution channel where SystemSafe was bundled and released with insurance software to over 11,000 insurance companies nationwide.

Prior to co-founding NetMass, Martin was a residential real estate developer, where he developed, marketed, and sold-out 15 subdivisions. He managed over $20 million in real estate holdings and was responsible to 10 limited partnerships.

Martin received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from Texas A&M University.

Thomas Perkins

Thomas K. Perkins, PhD, Chemical Engineering, NetMass Strategic Advisor

A world-renowned petroleum industry executive and author, Perkins brings his engineering and patent development expertise to advise NetMass on oil and gas archiving and storage compliance issues. He has authored scores of seminal studies for international engineering and petroleum journals.

Perkins’ vision brings executive management strategy to NetMass. His experience establishing best practices is vital to our growth.

In particular, Tom’s deep insights into the operations of the Oil & Gas Industry enlighten NetMass development of custom solutions to ensure oil and gas technology due diligence.

Tom Martin, NetMass Strategic Advisor

Tom A. Martin is president and owner of both Martin Realty & Land, Inc. and Crystal Springs Water Company, Inc. Martin Realty & Land is the largest real estate and land development firm in Montgomery County, and Crystal Springs Water is the largest independently owned water utility in Montgomery County, Texas.

Martin’s other entrepreneurial ventures included owner/manager of six Mr. Gatti’s Pizza restaurants. He was a founder and President of the Board for First National Bank of Kingwood. He developed and managed two 30,000+ SF retail shopping centers.

Martin brings management and financial strategy to NetMass, Inc. with his hands-on business approach, entrepreneurial vision, and understanding of running small businesses.

He is a graduate of Oklahoma University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. He has been a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1972

Mary Ellen Moser

Mary Ellen Moser, NetMass Strategic Advisor

Mary Ellen Moser draws from her experience as a marketing and business strategy consultant to develop Web content and communications, information architecture, and public relations for NetMass, Inc. As a consultant on market adoption for breaking technology services companies, Moser (Greenscape Group) oversees an ongoing e-commerce product development team at Carnegie-Mellon University Global IT Outsourcing Institute. She has managed numerous corporate Web sites to provide value-adding customer content.

Moser holds a Ph.D. in Education (Communication) from St. Louis University, and a MBA from the University of Dallas with emphasis in telecom and electronic commerce. She has published numerous business articles and been editor of two publications.

Moser has aggregated online communities and provided other strategic services for Alcatel, Citizen’s Communications, Core-Teck, LLC, RLX, Inc., University of Dallas Graduate School of Management, HMR International, and Sequoia.