NetMass Incorporated

NetMass is one of the original online backup and cloud storage providers. A pioneer of the offsite backup and data archiving industry, NetMass began leveraging the power of the internet for server backup in 1997. This was well before the term cloud was ever coined. For 20 years, NetMass Incorporated has specialized in providing Internet based safe storage technologies and services. In the tumultuous backup industry where many companies come and go in the blink of an eye, NetMass offers dependability that is almost unrivalled. NetMass maintains a reputation for providing the best technologies combined with an outstanding service experience. Our long-term commitment to data protection is a big reason so many of our clients trust us with their data.

NetMass provides its services under separate operational arms.

Operational Arm Specialty NetMass solutions that provide fully private, hybrid, and fully cloud based server and data backup solutions. NetMass solutions that allow fully private, hybrid, and fully cloud based archiving solutions that provide storage offloading, immutable storage (WORM), and data retention that meets corporate compliance needs.

Why Trust NetMass Data Solutions?

  • Our Mission: Provide cost effective long term hybrid and cloud based data storage and services that meet verifiable security and compliance standards.
  • Our Philosophy: We strive to rigorously pursue the CRAFT of safe data storage: We focus on the global scale; we design for the long term; and we provide the compliant foundation.
  • Our Promise: Our solutions will provide a stable, compliant, and secure foundation for your data retention needs. Our safe data solutions are the best choice for the foundation of your disaster recovery, business continuity, and data archiving systems.

Why Choose our platforms?

  • Longevity: We have been offering cloud based services for more than 16 years. This is longer than almost any cloud services company still operating under the same name.
  • Expertise: We cut our teeth by being one of the first online backup and storage service providers in the industry. We know backup and we know archiving!
  • Security: Our FIPS 140-2 validated solutions exceed the security levels offered by most cloud services.
  • Infrastructure: Our geo-distributed storage systems provides the highest levels of durability.
  • Our Story: NetMass is “Networking for the Masses” and represents our intent to bring enterprise level solutions to the masses. We are one of the oldest continuously operating cloud based service provides in existence.